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  • Yaji Tramontini, LMFT, EMDR-Founder

    Yaji Tramontini, LMFT, EMDR-Founder

    Hello and welcome to Love Therapy Center! Our goal is to offer you the most comprehensive, supportive and effective Psychotherapy that can be found. Love Therapy is unlike your typical…...Read More
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  • Megan Pappas, AMFT, EMDR

    Megan Pappas, AMFT, EMDR

    Welcome! Congratulations on beginning the first steps on your therapeutic journey. I believe in a holistic approach that incorporates the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual self. My approach is…...Read More
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  • Lois Ochrym, LCSW, EMDR

    Lois Ochrym, LCSW, EMDR

    I am an LCSW ( Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) trained and experienced therapist. I have worked with individuals and couples for over 15…...Read More
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  • Neeta Jain, AMFT, EMDR

    Neeta Jain, AMFT, EMDR

    Hello and Welcome! My goal is to help my clients live with an anxiety & stress-free life without using medication. Life happens and can cause much suffering. Together, using the…...Read More
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  • Testimonials


    I really appreciated your help over the last few years. I continue to use the tools you taught me, although I haven’t needed to lately, which is great. The exercises…...Read More
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    If my site resonates with you, I encourage you to contact me to find out more on how Relationship Counseling & Love Therapy can help you break the cycle of…...Read More
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Online Counseling

We offer online video conferencing for all residents of California! Call us to inquire.

San Francisco

222 Columbus Ave. Suite 411, San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 412-6615

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