Neeta Jain, AMFT, EMDR

Author: Yaji Category: Published: June 24, 2016

Hello and Welcome! My goal is to help my clients live with an anxiety & stress-free life without using medication. Life happens and can cause much suffering. Together, using the transformative process known as EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) we will aim for the four R’s: Reduction (or in many cases, elimination of trauma); Removal (of pain, suffering, and / or shame – which is usually the result of the underlying trauma); Recovery (achieving personal goals & moving into a space of wellness); Realistic (balancing goals with being vulnerable, learning to listen and follow your heart, forgive, have compassion and find patience for yourself and others).

Trauma can be caused by any experience that is emotionally overwhelming. The overwhelm causes a flood of bio-neuro chemicals and hormones in your system. When your system becomes flooded it can create a trauma response loop. This in turn affects how you perceive and behave in all areas of life, especially relationships. A traumatic (or an emotionally overwhelming) event causes many changes in the brain. Your ability to experience positive feelings goes down, stress soars and your amygdala (a part of the brain closely associated with emotions) starts working overtime – thus affecting your ability to think clearly and affectively respond to life’s events.

Together we will track and identify the root cause events (either big “T” Traumas or small “t” traumas) that are contributing to the current disruptions in your life including but not limited to: pain, suffering and difficulty in relationships so you can release the trauma and move into a sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

From a place of self-understanding, acceptance and love coupled with empathy, encouragement and compassion, we will gently explore and acknowledge stuck feelings (e.g., anger, longing, hurt). Through the process of Love Therapy© you will be given tools to lovingly communicate and positively affect your relationships which will in turn create a positive feedback loop of ease, peace, harmony and love.

About Love Therapy Center: Founded by Yaji Tramontini in 2008, the Love Therapy Center was created with the purpose of promoting healthy relationships for couples and individuals. Located in San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose, therapists at the Love Therapy Center are trained in both traditional and nontraditional/spiritual modalities which allows them to fit each person with individualized treatment. To learn more about Love Therapy Center visit its website
About the Author: Yagi Tramontini is a graduate of Boston University ('94) with a double major in Psychology & Philosophy, and Sophia University ('03) with a Master's degree in Transpersonal / Spiritual Counseling Psychology. She holds a CA state license as a Marriage & Family Therapist, MFC45878, to practice Psychotherapy and has over 10,000 hours helping couples and individuals release trauma and create great relationships