The Benefits of Being Rejected

Author: N0vaEmyHrt Category: Uncategorized Published: October 29, 2014

It is without fail that at some point, we will face rejection.

There is a mystery and unknown element of rejection that stirs the mind into countless arguments stemming around the question…Why?

In an effort to gain understanding about the assumptions of ourselves, the informed doubts become active and desperate for a satisfactory response. Yet, there is none.

Often times we are not privy to the decisions outside of our pursuits. We may feel qualified to be hired for a position or to be in a loving relationship.  Rejection gives us associated feelings and beliefs like “I am unworthy.”The mismatch of what we want to believe about ourselves and how we are being informed otherwise is befuddling to the rational mind.

What is being concluded about me without being investigated further? Why is rejection happening to me? What am I saying non-verbally that causes others to not select me?

What happens to us when we are rejected? We may think that we are the best for one person, but that person thinks otherwise. We may be excited about the prospect of a new job and the recruiter saw us as a misfit. Ostracized and alone, it is time now to look at the pressure we place on ourselves. There is a tool that assists with positioning ourselves safely and trustingly. It is intuition and it is our guide into the honest desires of our soul.

How do we develop our intuition without feeling hurt by not fitting into the paradigm of another? Where do we fit in?

Here are some suggestions/questions to ask yourself to check-in and make meaning of our OWN REJECTION of INTUITION:

*This is important to be because….
{ When something is important to you, where does that value come from? }

*When you are in an interview or on a date, or whatever the situation…
{ What is motivating you to be there, what about your time are you sacrificing? }

*Without this (relationship or opportunity)…
{ What will be different? What impact will not having THIS have an impact on me? }

*What is making the risk of rejection worth it?!!
{ What are you gaining from this experience? How is this serving YOU? (even if you get rejected, what will you gain? }

*What pressure are you placing on yourself, on a daily basis…
{ Am I competitive? Am I afraid of being alone? Am I scared of the future? }

Once we establish a few core realities of our daily motivations, then it becomes possible to focus and empower the needs that have been unmet. Trust YOUR intuition, don’t let other people decide that for you.

Wishing You Wellness and Happiness,

Q: When did you take a RISK that you didn’t THINK about, you just DID IT?

Theresa de la Fuente, MA, EMDR*
Love Counselor for Couples & Individuals

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