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  • Do you take responsibility for your own happiness?

    Is happiness something we seek or something we choose? What do you choose? Happiness is a decision. We often seek happiness in other people or in situations when in reality only we can make ourselves happy. If we aren't happy with our current situation how can we expect to be happy in another situation? If we want to be happy,…
    Author: Yaji Category: Love, Radio & Blog Published: July 5, 2016
  • Does Unconditional Love Exist in Relationships?

    I have recently had some debate on this question with some of my San Francisco colleagues so thought it a good topic for further discussion. In my view and orientation of Love Therapy, unconditional love can only be given when one first loves them self. Unconditional love is not to be confused with allowing the other person to treat you…
    Author: Yaji Category: Love, Relationships Published: April 14, 2014
  • Therapy for Love, From Love

    Hi & Welcome to SF Love Therapy. The focus is simple… LOVE. Giving love, receiving love, self love, looking for love, familial love, romantic love, sexual love, love addiction, sex addiction… well, you get the picture. Love is the focus and love is the drive.
    Author: Yaji Category: Counseling & Communication, Love Published: June 18, 2011