Couples Counseling

Couple Counseling

Couples counseling sessions can restore your relationship and bring sanity back to your life.

Couples counseling (also referred to as marital therapy, marriage guidance and couple therapy) is for identifying and resolving the problems that the couples face in their intimate relationship with each other. The focus of couples counselling is not for either individual to be the client but rather for the “couple” to be the client.  Two of the most basic necessities for couples is trust and intimacy. Relationships end every day due to lack of trust and intimacy. When trust and intimacy are lacking the entire system suffers.  Love Therapy focuses on the wounds in each individual that can contribute to failing relationships.  A person’s individual wounds and life experiences can lead up to their interacting in the relationship in a way that breaks the trust and intimacy such as a refusal to negotiate, betrayals, gross indiscretions and or infidelity.

There is no greater nightmare than disagreements and discord in your relationship.

When the relationship is in distress, each person in the couple can face a range of unwelcome side effects in their personal lives. An unhappy relationship not only affects your mental health, but can also degrade other vitally important aspects of life such as physical health, social, vocational, spiritual and on and on. A dragging relationship drags both the partners down along with it.

Stress from external factors can also be a major contributor to couples’ distress.  Stress caused by work, extended family (particularly in-laws) and individual personality traits such as addiction& mental illness, can lead to the destruction of the relationship if not addressed. Couple counselling and Love Therapy can help sort out all of these issues and bring back the lost joy and intimacy of a broken relationship.
All of the therapists at Love Therapy Center are well qualified and have degrees in the field of Marriage & Family Therapy.  Our aim is to quickly identify and resolve the problems couples face. Couple counselling is intended to positive effects and benefits for each individual in the relationship and for the couple.

Couples counselling can help by understanding and resolving:

•    Blocks to intimacy & sex:  spiritual, emotional and physical
•    Conflicts and how to mediate
•    Differences between masculine and feminine and how they interact
•    Miscommunication, misinterpretation, ego wounding and over reactions
•    Changes and transitions in relationships: what is “normal” vs. what is right for you
•    Abuse and abusive behaviors

Additionally, in your Love Therapy and Couples Counseling you will be given some very clear cut simple and powerful communications tools. With all the areas covered in your counseling sessions, the aim is for you to come to understanding and true worth of your relationship.

Thus clearing up even the most clouded relationships. With all the misunderstanding and mis-communication cleared, you clear the space to enjoy a healthy, physical and intimate relationship with your partner. Couples counselling helps to clear the troubles that could cause the downfall of relationship. Couples Counseling and Therapy can rekindle that spark of a happy relationship with the excitement and intimacy restored.

Love Therapy Center offers Couples Counseling and Therapy in San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego.



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