Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

The main focus of Individual Counseling

in Love Therapy is that perception, thought and emotion are the foundation for the life that you live. The way we all perceive a single situation varies dramatically from individual to individual.  Differences in perception can and often do lead to major conflicts in relationship, be they romantic, business, or family relationships. Your thoughts and perceptions are the key to having happy, healthy and fulfilling relationships and life. Your thoughts create your emotions, which create your actions, which in turn create your life.  Each individual’s perceptions create the thoughts that either cause or at least effect the emotions.  Emotions lead to actions and whatever actions you take (or don’t take) create your life.

Perception is the first link

in this sequence and thus is a major focus of Individual Love Therapy & Individual Counseling.  We may think we know the truth about something, but what we know as truth is only a summation of what we have perceived with our senses.  This becomes problematic because at any one given second there is somewhere along the lines of 400 billion bits of information yet our brains can only process something around 2000 bits of information.  So as a function of necessity, in order to make sense of our world, we have to delete a ton of information around us. Then, in order to fill in the missing pieces, we distort and generalize.  The process of distorting and generalizing is a program that was written by the accumulation of our past experiences.  So if we are deleting and generalizing based on our own individual personal past experiences, is there any wonder why we get into such conflicts and differences of opinion in our relationships?

Perceptions and thereby thoughts are created from past experiences.

From this we focus on and target the negative, irrational thoughts and perceptions by targeting and “reprocessing” (using techniques such as EMDR and CBT) the experiences that caused the negative / irrational thoughts. This often does has the net result of increasing self-confidence, and decreasing or eliminating fear, self-doubt, pessimism, hopelessness and other such self-degrading traits. The first step in having a successful relationship is in loving yourself.  Once you truly and fearlessly love yourself and only then, will you truly be able to love others. And if you are single, trying to date, thinking about the “dating game” or if you’ve ever heard of “the rules”, the basis of this is self-love.  When you fearlessly love yourself, you will naturally call someone when it fits your schedule, and may, by default wind up waiting a few days to call them.  But this is only because you are so grounded in yourself that you get caught up in your life.  Relationships become an added bonus, not the main course.  And this is why silly dating instructions such as “the rules” works for a little while – it is because it mimics true health and inner beauty.

But it is much easier said than done, for some individuals it is very difficult to interact with others or put any kind of trust in others. Again, this has to do with thoughts that are based on perceptions formed from past experiences.  Either childhood emotional wounds, past relationship failures or any other such cause. Individual counselling sessions can help you find the change in yourself to create the confidence, hope, successful relationships and inner peace that you so long for.

With individual counselling sessions even the most broken individual can achieve a permanent and significant change…

of attitude, feelings, body sensations, thoughts, nervous system reactions and positivity. These changes in an individual can help in forming healthy, rational perceptions of people and things thus leading to more ease and confidence in all interactions.

For building relationships the foremost thing is clear and rational perception of the situation

especially for individuals with low self-esteem, self-doubt or self-derision of any kind.  Through your individual counseling sessions you will find that your thoughts and perceptions naturally start to change.  You organically start to believe things that are not only rational but healthier and aligned with what you want to create for yourself and your life.

Situations that felt problematic in past will start to look a lot less intimidating, even easy to deal with. Our main targets in your individual counseling sessions will be to find and reprocess the experiences that caused negative irrational thoughts (or beliefs) both cognitively (in your mind) and somatically (in your body, emotions and nervous system). Individual counseling can lead to increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect. It is amazing how people start to react differently to you once you find and eliminate any fear or doubt that may exist within you (most of the time buried in the unconscious). And when you feel confident enough and are able to access your own inner wisdom then you can communicate with others in a way that is most effective to start building truly strong, fulfilling and intimate relationships.

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