Mindfulness Meditation in Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation has a multitude of benefits that contribute to health and well-being.  The benefits of mindfulness meditation are not only psychological but have also been documented to have physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits as well.  For our purposes at Love Therapy Center, this is especially powerful as our orientation is holistic and our belief is that healing should happen on all levels: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, psychological, cognitive, etc.

Aside from the known benefits of lowering stress and the associated benefits of that, in particular we rely on mindfulness and meditation for two very important reasons in Love Therapy and Relationship Counseling: 1) To become aware of what you are truly feeling and wanting in certain situations (so you will better know how and where you want to set your boundaries) and 2) To be able to shift out of a negative state be it emotional, obsessive thoughts, or physical pain.
Mindfulness meditation in essence is focusing on the present moment.  There are many things in the present moment that can be noticed and shifting the focus of your attention to these things is being mindful.  This is a very simple technique but incredibly powerful in its effect.

You can start to be mindful right now, in this very moment as you are reading this.  Notice your senses… what do you see, hear, smell, etc.  You might want to pay attention to your body sensations: tension, relaxation, hot, cold, or your breathing.  As you focus on one or the other of your senses, breathing etc., just bring your attention back to it over and over and over again… as many times as it takes.  With a singular focus, the “monkey mind” starts to fade away.

Can you imagine how impactful the practice could be in all aspects of your life?  Once you get into the practice of being able to shift the focus of your attention, many things become easier.  If you are having negative self-talk, worry, fear, anxiety, depression.  These things are given power because when we feel them, we focus on them.  With mindfulness meditation practice you can become more and more able to shift the focus of your attention to something that will calm you and bring perspective to the situation.  And again, the beneficial side effects of stress relief, as I’m sure you can imagine, are too numerous to name here.



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