Relationship boot Camp


Re-boot your relationship! If you are searching for answers on how to fix relationship problems yourself or wondering “How do I save my marriage”? “How do I get my ex-boyfriend back”, or “How do I get my ex-girlfriend back”, this program is for you.

This is an intensive program that involves a commitment and openness to healing yourself. Geared toward couples / families or individuals with serious disagreements, on the verge of breaking up or already having broken up.

In addition to basic skills (as listed below) this program is geared toward releasing baggage, blocks to intimacy and commitment, and empowering you to create the relationship (and life) you desire.

There are two different formats for the intensive / boot camp program.


  • One 50 minute recap / integration session
  • One 75 minute process / release session

We now offer a single 5 – 7 hour BREAKTHOUGH SESSION in lieu of the 75 minute process oriented sessions. If you are interested in this make sure to ask in your phone consultation.


  • One session as a family or couple (75 minutes)
  • One individual session for you (your partner or family may, or may not, attend.)
  • One individual session for your partner – again you have a choice to attend or not.

Again, you can also choose to do one 5 – 7 hour BREAKTHROUGH SESSION in lieu of your weekly individual sessions.

The individual sessions are tailored so both you and your partner can break through your fears and reservations in both giving and receiving love. Your individual sessions will then be brought into the sessions together to give each other a deeper insight into one another. To understand what each other’s “baggage” is (or was) and how work around it and not take it personally.

After going through this process, you will know in your mind and in your body, that your partner actually really DOES LOVE YOU, and if they don’t, that it doesn’t matter – it’s about them, not you. Most of the time, however they are just not able to show or tell you in the words or actions that feel good to you. They would love you in the way you needed if they weren’t being blocked (by their baggage), as you would love them in the way they need if you were not up against your own obstacles (fear, anger, resentment, etc.).



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