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Spirituality is a big concept and very difficult to define in words.  As terminology goes, it is important to mention that technically in the field of mental health, Spiritual Psychology, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, and New age therapy, (terms often used interchangeably) are mostly referred to as Transpersonal or Integral Psychology.  In a nutshell Spiritual Counseling is based on the idea that we are Spiritual / Energetic Beings.  We are energy and all things are energy.  A Spiritual Counselor will often refer to concepts, theories and techniques found in Eastern and South American religions and philosophies, such as Buddhism & Shamanism.  There is a strong emphasis on meditation and mindfulness and aligning with your energetic authentic self that is separate from the ego and connected to everyone and everything in a scientific / energetic sense. Spirituality is esoteric, Science is empirical and historically have been vastly opposing fields.  Work being done in the fields of Quantum Mechanics and Physics however, is starting to evidence that everything is energy (aka quarks in quantum mechanics).  Additionally, other scientific fields are also aligned with the work we do in Love Therapy.  Neurology, neurochemistry, and cognitive psychology are all connected to and affected by the practices and focuses from religion, spiritual philosophies and the energetic beings that we are, mind, body and soul. Beyond that, the goal and philosophy of Love Therapy is for self-love and acceptance.  All emotions and actions stem from two basic emotions:  LOVE & FEAR, and if you’re not coming from a place of love, you are coming from a place of fear.  The focus of Love Therapy is to find the pieces of self-doubt and self-rejection that block you from your Spiritual core (authentic self, true self), causing fear and separation, and reprocess them into self-love and self-acceptance. The alignment with your own individual spirit will allow for alignment with Spirit in the greater sense.  Spirit is both transcendent (you have and can experience your own individual spirit) and imminent (Spirit exists in everything), simultaneously and paradoxically. So, I am Spirit, Spirit is greater, my spirit is mine and Spirit in the greater sense, both at the same time and individually. By finding ways to connect; spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, psychologically, etc. you are simultaneously finding ways to connect to the greater sense of Spirit, and also thereby opening the path to ALLOWING connection in your relationships. It is quite amazing how your relationships can transform once in touch with your Spirit in a place of self-love and acceptance.  Spiritual counseling can transform dysfunctional codependent and overly independent relationships to harmonious INTER-dependent relationships.



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