Visualization Meditation in Therapy

This concept that visualizing your outcomes will help you create them is gaining popularity as more and more reputable studies are being done that prove the power of visualization and intention.  It turns out the mind does not know the difference between what is visualized internally or experienced externally.  Visualizing, in and of itself can set off the same bio-neuro-muscular-chemical systems in the body as if you were actually experiencing or doing the thing.

This is a fact that many of the best sports trainers rely heavily upon. Studies show that visualizing doing a sport fires off micro-muscular movements of the same muscles used during physical exercise.

Picturing, imagining and visualizing yourself doing the thing you want to do is training for your mind, body, nervous system and neurochemistry.  The more you imagine it, the easier it will become for it to just happen naturally – both for positive and negative things.  Visualizing what you want to happen in turn will start to increase your energy vibration.  It makes you feel better to focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want.  The more you increase your energy vibe, the easier it becomes to visualize and this can just keep getting better (the same goes on the opposite side of this as well – when we focus on what we don’t want).

Changing your energy vibration is one of the most important focuses in Love Therapy and in visualization meditation therapy.  Our approach to treating mental illness is based on this.  When you’re feeling good and focusing on what you want the whole world can open up to you.  People will smile at you more, speak to you more, and who knows, maybe even talk about the opportunity that could make that big difference.  Not to mention that you’re way more likely to even notice opportunity that might have previously been right in front of you but you were too wrapped up in your problems to see or be able to act upon.

If you are interested in the “Law of Attraction” these concepts are very similar.  Much of what Esther Hicks, “Abraham” says is that changing your energy vibration is the key to attracting what you want. If you visualize yourself being happy, wealthy, in the job you want, in the relationship you want, in the house you want to live in, surrounded by people you want to be around, you are going to be much more likely to make it happen then if you are visualizing the opposite (which is what most of us do).  The caveat here is that you have to believe you can make it happen.  This is often where the Law of Attraction fails.  If you don’t believe it will or should happen (even in the smallest unconscious way), your energy will reflect that, which will likely get in the way of your efforts.

There are some that might say it is depressing to visualize all these things when they seem so out of reach, and if that is you we can help you change that!  If your energy is in a place of lack and despair, it is likely because on some level there is a negative belief about yourself or your world.  Through the processes of EMDR, NLP, and other techniques it is possible to release the blocks to your happiness and success.

Once the unconscious blocks are cleared and you are in a place of belief, knowing that you have the power to create the world that you want for yourself, then you will then be ready to start envisioning yourself doing it.  We will target the visualizations to meditate on and bring in the positive affirmations that will increase the focus on the positive and to positively affect your energy vibration which little by little, can start to change the direction of your happiness and your life!



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